xforms for Chaotica
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transform_def name="murl3">
<!-- Apophysis variation by FarDareisMai -->
<node name="input_params">
<real name="pulsar">1</real>
<real name="pulsar_freqx" demoval="5">2</real>
<real name="pulsar_freqy" demoval="7">2</real>
<real name="pulsar_scalex" demoval="0.1">1</real>
<real name="pulsar_scaley" demoval="0.1">1</real>
<node name="internal_params">
<real name="weight" />
<real name="freqx" />
<real name="freqy" />
<real name="scalex" />
<real name="scaley" />
<string name="winter_init_function">
pulsar_init_result(pulsar, pulsar_freqx, pulsar_freqy, pulsar_scalex, pulsar_scaley)
<string name="winter_eval_function">
(mat2x2(cosh(p_in.x * freqx), -sinh(p_in.x * freqx),
sinh(p_in.y * freqy), cosh(p_in.y * freqy)) * (p_in * (p_in.x * p_in.y))) * weight