xforms for Chaotica
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transform_def name="el_em">
<!-- Crystalize made this -->
<node name="input_params">
<real name="el_em" >1</real>
<real name="mod" minval="-1.0" maxval="1.0">1</real>
<node name="internal_params">
<real name="weight" />
<real name="mod" />
<int name="num_unit_randoms">2</int>
<string name="winter_init_function">
el_em_init_result(el_em, mod)
<string name="winter_eval_function">
r = 1 / length(p_in)
elr = if p_in.x > r
then p_in
else if -p_in.x > r
then p_in
else if p_in.x < r && -p_in.x < r
then p_in * mod
else p_in * r
elr * weight